A man believed to be part of a crew that targeted and robbed armored vehicles across Los Angeles County was arrested in Rancho Cucamonga Wednesday night, according to the FBI.

James Russell Davis, 34, is believed to be part of the “Chesapeake Bandits” allegedly responsible for a string of armed robberies.

A federal warrant had been issued for his arrest back in February.

The group was named after Chesapeake Avenue in the West Adams neighborhood, where the suspects are believed to have met and staged robberies, according to the FBI.

The robberies then occurred in broad daylight, and the group has been linked to attacks with losses in the hundreds of thousands.

Deneyvous Hobson, 36, had been arrested in connection with the incident, but authorities believe five others are part of the group. The other accomplices have not been identified.

The group has targeted drive-thru ATMs and other businesses, including check-cashing locations, officials said.

They allegedly take over armored cars when they service drive-thru ATMs or exit businesses.

During the attacks, victims were zip-tied and held at gunpoint, officials said.

A shot was fired during one of the robberies, and even though no one was injured, authorities are worried that the robbers will become more brazen, and that someone may be harmed or killed if the outstanding suspects are not caught.

The FBI had previously detailed five incidents tried to the bandits dating back to last February.