Man With Ax Arrested After Vandalizing Homes, Cars in Huntington Beach: Police

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An ax-wielding man was arrested after vandalizing several cars and residences in a Huntington Beach neighborhood Monday morning, officials said. Authorities were called around 11:15 a.m. about an armed man vandalizing property as he walked around the area of Bushard Street and Adams Avenue, Huntington Beach police said in a news release. Numerous officers responded, and officials said they were able to immediately locate and detain the man. Officers combing the scene spotted slashes tires and smashes windows on numerous vehicles, and smashed-in porch lights on houses. An ax was recovered at the scene, police said. Kraig Barcinas said he was at his girlfriend’s house on Brushard Street when someone began ringing the doorbell. Barcinas said his girlfriend saw the man with what he described as a hammer in his hand, and the man proceeded to smash a lamp and door at the home. Barcinas told KTLA that he then followed the man, and immediately saw him target a neighbor’s car. But after he approached the suspect and reasoned with him, he dropped his weapon, Barcinas said. The suspect was later booked into jail. Investigators said they were still working to verify the man’s identity. Police said residents in the area were highly cooperative, volunteering to sign a private person’s arrest and offering cold beverages to officers during their hours of investigation. As of Monday afternoon, officials had located vandalized property in the area of Bushard Street between Adams and Indianapolis avenues. Investigators say they’ve been unable to locate every victim. Area residents who discover damage can contact Huntington Beach police at 714-960-8811.

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