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Police shot and killed a man who was reported to have been carrying a machete in the Lake Balboa neighborhood of Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

Officers responded to the 17300 block of Sherman Way around 7 a.m., Los Angeles Police Department Officer Guzman said. A short time later, an ambulance was sent to that location for a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

Police later confirmed that officers opened fire on the man and that he died at the hospital.

His age and identity have not been released.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed a bicycle down on the ground with a machete lying next to it.

A resident of the area said he saw a man on a bicycle being followed by officers. 

“He turned the corner. One of the cops kind of pulled in quickly in front of him, like they could maybe get out and try to stop him. At that point, he started pedaling faster to try to get by that car,” the resident said.

The man then pulled into an alley near the resident’s home. 

“Then within probably five to seven seconds, we heard two pops,” the resident said.

It was unclear if the man had been threatening anyone or failed to comply with officers’ orders prior to the shooting.

No other injuries were reported during the deadly encounter.

Investigators have access to body camera footage recorded by the officers.