A longtime nonprofit serving homeless people has reopened months after its former location was forced to close.

Mary’s Kitchen in Orange is back after its old home on West Struck Avenue was shut down by the city due to its location on city-owned property and its propensity for numerous police calls, officials told the soup kitchen.

On Thursday, the nonprofit again welcomed people in need of food, laundry, mail and gas services, which the nonprofit said amounts to tens of thousands of Orange County residents each year.

Mary’s Kitchen will no longer be serving warm meals to the homeless. President of Mary’s Kitchen, Gloria Suess, said they looked for locations where they could do that, but nobody would let them buy or lease the properties for that purpose.

The organization will now operate more as a pantry going forward, taking food to people in need. Instead of helping those who are already unhoused, they are hoping to also help families who are need in hopes of preventing people from becoming unhoused.

“You know, you make the decision, ‘Are you going to pay the rent or are you going to feed the family?’ and if we can provide the food so that they will have more money, and especially now, they would have more money to meet the other necessities of their lives,” Suess told KTLA.

Visit Mary’s Kitchen website for more information.