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McDonald’s on Wednesday started offering its new plant-based burger in El Segundo and Manhattan Beach.

The McPlant is available at 101 S. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo and at 1203 Artesia Boulevard in Manhattan Beach, the two locations confirmed.

The two restaurants in Los Angeles County are among eight U.S. locations offering the McPlant for a limited time.

The new burger features a patty made from plant-based ingredients like peas, rice and potatoes, and is served on a sesame seed bun with tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and American cheese.

The patty was co-developed with Beyond Meat.

“It has the iconic taste of a McDonald’s burger, because it is one,” the company said when it announced the test launch.

Some people who tried the burger seemed to agree, according to posts on Twitter.

One user said it was better than the fast food giant’s other burgers.

Meanwhile, Eater called it “just McOkay,” saying that it tastes like any other McDonald’s burger.

The McPlant arrived in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and the U.K. before it was introduced in the U.S.

McDonald’s said the test launch of the McPlant at the limited number of restaurants is meant to help the chain understand how offering a burger with a plant-based patty impacts its kitchens. 

Plant-based proteins have grown in popularity in recent years, with several restaurants introducing vegan and vegetarian-friendly options.

Burger King in 2019 started serving the Impossible Whopper, which also features a meatless patty.