Monrovia Woman Says She Was Billed for $400 in Fraudulent Uber Charges

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A Monrovia woman said she awoke Friday morning only to discover that she had received some $400 in fraudulent charges from Uber.

Monique Childers realized almost immediately there was an issue when she received cellphone notifications from the Uber app thanking her for using the ridesharing service overnight, she said.

The problem: the rides occurred halfway across the world in London while Childers was sound asleep in her Southern California home.

"I rolled over in bed, I grabbed my phone to check email and everything, and I noticed up in my notification bar that I had some Uber notifications," she said, noting that she had been in bed since 11 p.m. the previous night. "I thought, 'Well that's kind of strange.'"

Unable to find a phone number for Uber, Childers fired off an email before doing research about her issue online. She found she wasn't alone in the problem she had experienced.

"There's article after article, after story after story, of people stating, you know, "I was in my home somewhere in the States and I had $700 worth of Uber charges in Netherlands," she said.

After becoming aware of the matter, Uber conducted an investigation of the "fraudulent charges," the company said in a statement to KTLA.

"We replaced the fraudulent charges on the rider's account and assisted her in changing her password. We investigated and found no evidence of breach," the statement read. "This is a good opportunity to remind people to use strong and unique usernames and passwords and to avoid reusing the same credentials across multiple sites and services."

Still, although Uber replaced the charges, Childers said the experience has turned her off to using the ridesharing service.

"As soon as all this saga is over and I get my money back, I'm deleting the app and I will never use it again," she said.

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