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A Montebello man who stabbed another man to death as they rode a bus in East Los Angeles last year was found guilty of first-degree murder on Monday, authorities said.

Manuel Ortiz Jr., aka Chubbs, was standing on a public bus on the morning of April 9, 2018, when he suddenly lunged toward a man who was seated and stabbed him multiple times on the neck and head as the bus drove west in the 5700 block of Whittier Boulevard.

The attack was captured on surveillance video authorities later released to the public in their search for the assailant.

Ortiz, 28, was arrested three days later.

The victim was initially left in critical condition but died from his injuries two months after the brutal assault.

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell described the attack as “savage” and “seemingly unprovoked” before prosecutors charged Ortiz with murder in June 2018. Authorities have not released the victim’s name to the public.

A court clerk confirmed to KTLA that Ortiz was found guilty of murder on Monday following a few hours of jury deliberations.

KTLA’s Dianne Sanchez contributed to this report.