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For the second time in less than five months, a Jewish holiday has been disrupted with the anonymous distribution of antisemitic flyers in Beverly Hills and elsewhere in Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles Times reported.

A previous round of flyers claiming that “Every Single Aspect of the COVID Agenda Is Jewish” was spread during Hanukkah, and on Saturday morning — Passover — flyers claimed that “Every Single Aspect of The Ukraine-Russia War is Jewish,” the Times reported.

A third incident in December included flyers in Beverly Hills and Pasadena, though it did not align directly with a Jewish holiday.

On Saturday morning, hundreds of flyers were collected in the northern part of Beverly Hills, according to Lt. Trejo of the Beverly Hills Police Department, and more were found in West Los Angeles and Hollywood.

The Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division confirmed that flyers were found in Los Angeles as well, according to officer Eisenman.

Though the anonymous nature of the flyers’ distribution makes it difficult to know for sure, the wording on the flyers and their inclusion of a list of government officials could indicate that the three incidents were perpetrated by the same person or group.

On Twitter, Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse lambasted the flyers.

“Hate will NEVER win. The despicable flyers filled with hate dropped off at doorsteps in our city and Los Angeles is horrific and disgusting. As a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I will always speak out against #antisemitism and hate of any kind. #neverforget,” she wrote.