More birds died after being found with pellet gun wounds at Costa Mesa’s TeWinkle Park over the weekend, according to an Orange County wildlife rehabilitation center.

Late last month, Costa Mesa authorities announced that multiple ducks had been killed at the park since Easter Sunday.

The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center reported that three more wounded birds were discovered last Friday, all of which died after apparently being shot with a BB or pellet gun.

A fourth bird, a Pekin duck, was brought in to the center for exams on Saturday with a pellet under his right wing. That bird is still alive, said the center’s executive director, Debbie McGuire.

McGuire said approximately eight ducks and geese have so far been found wounded at the park, and the worry is that there could be more out there that are injured and dying.

“It’s horrendous. Nothing upsets us more. These are animals that have been loved by the local community in the local park,” the center’s medical director, Dr. Elizabeth Wood, told KTLA last month.

It’s unclear who’s shooting the birds.

Costa Mesa police Lt. Ed Everett told KTLA the department is aware of a couple incidents involving ducks and geese being shot at the park and is actively investigating the incidents.

Investigators believe the BB or pellet gun shootings are happening after hours, when the park is closed, Everett said.

Police have since increased park ranger presence and patrols at TeWinkle, Everett said.

There was no description available of any suspect in the case.

If found, the assailant could face animal cruelty charges, authorities said.