Mother and 2-Day-Old Otter Pup Reunited in Heartwarming Moment Captured on Video Off Morro Bay

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A baby sea otter was successfully returned to her mother’s arms this week in a rare reunion off the coast of Morro Bay in Central California, according to rescue workers at the Marine Mammal Center.

The 2-day-old pup had drifted away from her mother due to strong ocean tides, the non-profit rescue organization stated in a Facebook post.

The baby girl was scooped out of the water and checked out to make sure she was healthy.

Once it was determined the pup was uninjured and not under stress, rescuers attempted to reunite her with her mother, the post stated.

Video posted on group’s Facebook page showed the crying pup being tossed into the water near the mother’s location.

Within seconds, the mother appeared.

“Her mother rises from the sea, wraps the pup in what appears to be a hug and pulls her underwater,” the post stated.

According to the Marine Mammal Center, successful reunions such as this are rare.

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