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A state Assembly bill that would allow motorcycle lane-splitting in California has moved closer to a vote.

California’s AB 51, sponsored by Assembly member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward), intends to create guidelines for safe lane-splitting, a practice the proposed legislation describes as a motorcyclist passing other vehicles “by riding between them along the lane line.”

Lane-splitting, while not technically legal nor illegal in California, has long been treated as acceptable by law enforcement agencies. The California Highway Patrol published guidelines on the practice until last year – when a disgruntled citizen complained that the CHP should not be allowed to create public policy.

Quirk stepped in with AB 51, which proposes that the CHP create safe, official guidelines for the practice. As stated by Quirk’s office, “AB 51 defines lane splitting and makes it clear that CHP has the authority to draft educational guidelines for safe lane splitting.”

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