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A mountain biker, a bear and a trail in the wilderness — what are the odds of a full-on, broad daylight collision?

Not good, certainly. But that very strange situation was caught on helmet cam by cyclist Davis Souza as he tore down a trail in the Sierra Nevada about 45 miles northwest of Lake Tahoe last week.

Souza, of Truckee, was riding down the Mills Peak Lookout Trail outside the town of Graeagle when the collision occurred, according to the website GrindTV.

The bear-biker pileup happened just as Souza reached a shady area, making it even harder to see the animal as it stepped out in front of him.

Video posted to Instagram on June 14 shows Souza slamming into the bear at full speed, flying over his handlebars and landing on the rocky trail.

Like a phantom, the bear was gone by the time Souza looked back to see what he had broadsided.

It might have been difficult for Souza to convince his buddies he had fallen after T-boning a bear, were it not for the video he posted to Instagram.

Warning: Video includes language that may be offensive to some viewers.