Mountain Lion Headed to ‘Suitable Habitat’ After Being Tranquilized in Simi Valley Neighborhood

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A mountain lion will be headed back into the mountains after it was tranquilized and captured in a Simi Valley neighborhood Thursday morning.

Just after 5:15 a.m., the Simi Valley Police Department sent out an alert warning residents in the area of Belburn Place, North Broadmoor Avenue and Bancock Street that a mountain lion had been seen in a nearby backyard.

Leanne Robledo, who lives in the 2700 block of North Broadmoor, said she had no idea the mountain lion was in her backyard until she saw lights flashing in her window.

“Within a minute the police were knocking on our door saying not to come outside because there was a mountain lion,” Robledo explained. “We looked outside and sure enough, there was a mountain lion literally right outside our window just laying there.”

The mountain lion was still in the yard feeding on a raccoon when officials arrived, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Lt. Kory Collins said.

It took several doses of tranquilizer to finally sedate the big cat, which Collins said was a male weighing about 100 pounds.

Officials then loaded the safely bound mountain lion into the back of a pickup truck to be transported.

“We’re going to take it back up to the mountains to a suitable habitat,” Collins said.

Resident Cathy Dennis said the capture of the mountain lion left her feeling uneasy.

“It’s just scary. I mean up here we have a lot of raccoons and rats, and opossums and squirrels and things which I’m sure they’d go after,” Dennis said. “But it’s scary that there’s little kids around here and it’s a good-sized cat.”

The mountain lion was not wearing a tracking collar when it was captured, but has since been collared, officials said.

Residents were urged to keep their yards clear of food items in an effort to keep animals away.

KTLA’s Nisha Gutierrez-Jaime contributed to this story.

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