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A total of 10 students were evaluated Thursday morning after a suspected cannabis overdose at Van Nuys Middle School.

Around 11:20 a.m., Los Angeles firefighters responded to the campus at 5435 Vesper Ave., officials said in an alert.

The students, who are 12 to 14 years old, were found to be in “mild-to-moderate distress,” fire officials said in an updated alert. The students appeared lethargic and had a glazed-over look, authorities said.

Seven were taken to local hospitals that specialize in pediatric medicine, while three were released at the scene.

The school was searched for any additional victims, but no students were unaccounted for. Parents were seen rushing to the school to make sure their children were unharmed.

The incident was not fentanyl related, crews at the scene confirmed, but they say it could possibly be cannabis edibles.

Hospital personnel will determine which possible substances(s) were used, officials said.

Video from the scene showed a large police and fire presence as students were wheeled out of the school and put into ambulances.

Authorities are still investigating how the substance made its way onto campus and into the hands of students.