A murder suspect was taken into custody after a 90-minute standoff with the Los Angeles Police Department in a North Hollywood backyard Thursday.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, had been implicated in a 2021 murder in Los Angeles, according to the LAPD.

The suspect was driving his car when officers spotted him, and after he crashed his car, the suspect ran from the vehicle into North Hollywood backyards, police added.

“I think he was attempting to flee and elude the officers, and that’s why he ended up in the area here, near Laurel Canyon and Victory,” Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said.

Jumping fences, the suspect confronted residents in their backyards, eventually secluding himself in a detached shed.

Officers used beanbag rounds, gas and even the threat of a K-9 unit to coax the man out of the shed.

“We used multiple different techniques to try to talk him out, but he never responded to any of the attempts to talk him out over the last couple of hours,” Hamilton said.

A few minutes after the deployment of gas, the suspect emerged and police took him into custody.

Neighbors watched the scene, with some even leaving their homes to keep family members safe from the suspect and out of the way of police.

“I’m just grateful that nobody got hurt,” said neighbor Zenzi Poindexter. “It’s kind of shocking. I know we live in a large metropolis and these sort of things happen every day, but you don’t expect it in your neighborhood. Our immediate concern was, are our neighbors safe and what is going on?”