The Los Angeles photographer who was on a search for a couple whom she had photographed mid-proposal in Yosemite National Park told on Thursday that she has made contact with the couple.

On Sept. 28, LA-based photographer, Allie Dearie says she took a hike with another couple to Taft Point off Glacier Point Road, a popular spot that overlooks the valley. That’s when they witnessed another couple’s special moment in the sunset.

yosemite proposal
L.A.-based photographer Allie Dearie captured photos of the wedding proposal on Sept. 28 at Yosemite National Park. (Allie Dearie Photography @alliedearie)

Dearie captured the moment and gave them her business card to contact her, but after not hearing back from them for almost a week, she began to worry.

“It’s a long hike back and after sunset, you’re hiking in the dark so I’m a little worried that he may have lost the card and that’s why I started posting online to see if I could find them,” Dearie said.

A week later on Oct. 5, Dearie announced she was able to make contact with the couple, Chen-Yun and Mati from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who confirmed they did lose her business card, which is why they were not able to contact her.

After an exchange of emails, Dearie was able to share the photos of the couple’s special moment.