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Officers recovered nearly 200 rolls of toilet paper from a vehicle that had been reported stolen, the Beverly Hills Police Department said Tuesday.

A photo posted to the agency’s social media accounts showed that police pulled over the white SUV near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Rexford Drive, right in front of the police station.

When officers searched the vehicle, they found 192 rolls of toilet paper inside, according to police.

“Gives ‘They saw me rollin’…’ a whole new meaning,” the department wrote on Twitter.

Toilet paper has been a hot commodity amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the item flying off store shelves in the past month. The high demand has prompted many retailers to temporarily place purchase limits.

It was not immediately clear if the toilet paper had also been stolen or if it was already inside the SUV when the vehicle was taken.

The driver was arrested and faces multiple charges “unrelated to the toilet paper,” a police official told the Los Angeles Times.

As for the in-demand necessity, social media commenters were eager to know what would become of all those rolls that police seized as evidence.

“Are you going to auction off the toilet paper?” one Facebook user pondered. “Asking for a friend.”