The Redlands Fire Department will be testing a handheld ultrasound device that may help paramedics identify critical conditions in the field.

The portable device can spot conditions such as buildup of fluid around the heart and air around or outside the lungs as a result of chest trauma or lung diseases that could lead to lung collapse or “cardiac standstill,” which is when there is a complete absence of cardiac motion, the Fire Department stated in a news release Thursday.

The Department said on Facebook that it is teaming up with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center to determine if the device can help paramedics identify those critical conditions as they are responding to calls.

“Early identification of these conditions could help improve overall outcomes by indicating appropriate treatment,” the Fire Department stated.

Patients can then be redirected to the hospital best equipped to treat their condition. Hospitals can also be notified of traumatic conditions that would require surgical intervention, according to the Fire Department.

The Fire Department said it is the first agency in the region to participate in the trial, which is expected to last six months.