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A mountain lion was captured by wildlife officials Friday after it was spotted roaming a residential neighborhood in Newport Beach. The sighting led to law enforcement and wildlife officials telling residents to stay indoors as they cornered the animal.

Law enforcement officers and wildlife experts responded to the 1900 block of Port Cardigan Place in Newport after a family captured video of the mountain lion in the neighborhood.

California Fish and Wildlife responded to the scene and told residents to stay in their homes as the mountain lion remained hidden somewhere in the area.

Portions of the street were blocked off by law enforcement and some sidewalks were obscured by crime scene tape as the search for the big cat continued into the evening.

The mountain lion is believed to be the same animal that has appeared in areas populated by humans in Orange County over the last several weeks.

Students at Andersen Elementary, a school not too far from the scene, took part in an emergency drill Friday morning, but following the mountain lion sighting, actually had to use some of the skills practiced during the drill. The school was let out early, parents told KTLA.

Just before 6 p.m., the mountain lion escaped wildlife officials but was tracked down in another neighborhood.

The lion was tranquilized by a Fish and Wildlife biologist. After about ten minutes, the drug took effect and the mountain lion was subdued and caught by officials.

The mountain lion was loaded into the back of a pickup truck and driven away from the scene. Fish and Wildlife officials said the animal will be released back into the Santa Ana Mountains later Friday evening.