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Gov. Gavin Newsom, aiming for an eventual safe reopening of California theme parks, said Monday that he was sending a team of people to parks open in other states to learn what precautions they are taking to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

While the governor has yet to offer a timeline for when he will allow large theme parks such as Disneyland and SeaWorld to resume operations, he made clear Monday that he remains concerned about the potential for virus transmission from out-of-state visitors. At the same time, he said he wants to continue working with California parks on a plan for letting them reopen. They have been shut since mid-March.

Although there have been news reports that parks outside California have not experienced outbreaks among workers or guests after reopening, Newsom said he wants an assessment from his own staff.

“We’re doing our own stubborn research,” he told reporters Monday. “Because this is serious…. We’re entering not just the flu season but we’re entering into a period of time where people are more likely to start congregating and mixing back indoors.”

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