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Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Thursday that gives 60-day extensions to deadlines for renewing expired licenses, identification cards and vehicle registrations as DMV offices remain shuttered across California amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The order also suspends late fees for expired vehicle registrations.

People with vehicle registrations that expire between March 16 and May 31 won’t face late fees or other penalties if the owner submits an application for renewal and payment within 60 days after the original date of expiration, according to the order.

Deadlines to renew expired identification cards and temporary driving permits were pushed 60 days for cards and permits that expired on or after March 4, or will expire within 60 days from Thursday.

The DMV had previously announced it is extending expiring drivers’ licenses for residents younger than 70 years old until May 31, while older residents were told they would automatically receive temporary paper extensions valid for 120 days.

Newsom’s order provides extra relief for drivers amid the state’s stay-at-home orders.

The DMV had said last week that it won’t send people new cards or mailed extensions if their cards’ expiration dates were extended, and added that law enforcement officers across the state are already aware of the changes.

Still, drivers can request a free temporary paper extension online if they want documentation of their extended deadlines, the department said.

People with suspended licenses were excluded from the DMV’s extensions.

The DMV had previously also temporarily waived requirements for in-person renewals for drivers’ licenses and ID cards that expired in March, April and May this year. Cardholders were told to renew their documents online or by mail.

Officials from the department said last week that the DMV is still reviewing and processing online renewals amid the stay-at-home orders.

Field offices across the state have been closed since March 27 and it’s unclear when they will reopen.

“Following deep cleaning, expansion of virtual services and development of new protocols, the DMV soon will offer in-person services in each region. Information on office openings will be announced by DMV in the near future,” the DMV said in a statement last week.