Those looking to transfer to UCLA may soon have an easier time doing so if Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget is approved, but the plan has raised concerns from some in Westwood and elsewhere in the state.

Newsom’s proposal would mean that any community college student who has a certain grade point average and completed required coursework be admitted, according to the Los Angeles Times.

UCLA, which is considered by some to be a “public Ivy” and one of the top public schools in the country, could lose up to $20 million in funding if the school decides against admitting more transfer students. UCLA did not respond to KTLA’s request for comment.

The state Legislative Analyst’s Office has strongly opposed Newsom’s proposal, noting that the funding is tied to just one part of the University of California system.

“The analysis said the proposal ‘violates the basic tenet of fairness’ by potentially punishing one campus when others acting in the same way would not face state repercussions,” the Times reported, noting that while six of the nine campuses have a guaranteed admission program, UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego do not.

The state budget must be passed by June 15.