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A homeowner confronted a man who broke into his family’s Bel Air home and killed their pet birds.

Mat Sabz was at home when his wife Monica called him to tell him someone was inside their house, he said.

The man, who can be seen on the home’s Ring camera footage walking around the couple’s backyard naked, entered the home and helped himself to a shower and a pair of shorts. 

Mat Sabz confronted the man who kept claiming the house was his and saying he would call the police.

Sabz then had to jump off the balcony of the master bedroom and called the police. 

Police later identified the intruder as 34-year-old Paul Kiyan.

The Ring video shows the man calmly walking around, sitting on the couch and relaxing. 

Sabz said he luckily only had to worry about his own safety as his wife was watching through the security cameras and their children were not home at the time the incident happened. 

The intruder also killed two of their beloved pet birds with his bare hands, he explained.

A representative from the home security company arrived and detained the intruder before handing him over to police to be arrested. 

Kiyan is expected to be in court on Monday to face a number of felony charges.