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A background investigator with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been charged after allegedly falsifying documents that led to his roommate getting hired with the agency.

An investigation into Jeremy Buraglia, an 11-year veteran of the department, began last May, sheriff’s officials said in a news release.

The initial investigation revealed “suspected misconducts and inconsistencies” during the hiring process of Mario Barragan between September and November 2018.

Barragan had unsuccessfully applied to the department several times, but was eventually hired as a deputy sheriff trainee in 2018. Investigators later learned that Buraglia and Barragan lived together.

It is unclear exactly what Buraglia did to falsify documents that allegedly led to Barragan getting hired, but Buraglia was placed on administrative leave last May while the department continued its criminal investigation.

Buraglia was charged Wednesday by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office with conspiracy and false impersonation.

The Sheriff’s Department will proceed with its administrative investigation and determine discipline, which could include termination, officials said.

Barragan, meanwhile, was fired before graduating from the training academy.

In a statement Wednesday, Sheriff Don Barnes said he was “deeply disappointed” by Buraglia’s actions.

“We hold our employees to a high standard and will hold them accountable for wrongdoing,” Barnes said. “This criminal investigation conducted by our Department against one of our own speaks to the determination of our agency to not tolerate misconduct and be accountable to the public we serve.”