O.C. Sheriff’s Dept. warns of phishing scam that uses fake packages to steal identities, drain bank accounts

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Cyber criminals are dangling the promise of a pending package in a phishing scam aimed at obtaining your personal information, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department warned Sunday.

Here’s how the scam works: An SMS message is sent to cellphones with a malicious link, which prompts the user to submit personal data, the Sheriff’s Department said in a Facebook post.

The information being sought can then allow cyber criminals to steal a person’s identity, empty that individual’s bank account or install malware on the cellphone.

According to a screenshot released by agency, the text reads, “[Name], we found a package from March pending for you. Kindly assume ownership and confirm for delivery here: [link].”

You should ignore any such message that you receive through text, authorities advise. They also warn people against clicking on any link that seems suspicious, and definitely don’t provide any of your personal data. It’s also recommended to block the number that sent the message.

The Sheriff’s Department is encouraging people to share its warning with others, particularly seniors, who they say can be more susceptible to cyber crimes.

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