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A student at Orange Coast College is fighting a suspension on Wednesday after he was disciplined for recording and publishing a video of a professor criticizing the election of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Caleb O’Neil filmed Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox saying “the nation is divided” and the Trump election was “an act of terrorism” during class late last year, officials said. The video was posted shortly afterwards where it soon went viral.

O’Neil received a one semester suspension and a number of other sanctions, including a mandatory meeting with the Dean of Students, writing an essay discussing his actions and disciplinary probation, according to a e-mail from the OCC Interim Dean of Students.

The freshman college student said he recorded the video because he is known conservative and was concerned about retaliation.

“I pulled my phone out because I was honestly scared of, that I would have repercussions with my grades because she knew I was a Trump supporter,” said O’Neil.

School officials told KTLA that videotaping on campus without the person’s consent is prohibited.

O’Neil has obtained a lawyer to combat the suspension and is appealing the decision. He can continue to attend classes until a final decision is made.