Ojai dad created most notorious piece of coronavirus misinformation yet

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When filmmaker Mikki Willis uploaded a 26-minute video called “Plandemic” to the internet on May 4, he knew it was likely to cause a stir.

But Willis didn’t bank on becoming the poster boy for coronavirus disinformation. In his mind, he was just a dad in Ojai making low-budget inspirational movies out of his house.

The closest he’d ever come to viral fame was when he posted a video in 2015 to his YouTube channel about how he’d bought his young son a “Little Mermaid” doll at the toy store — a moment of open-minded, non-gender-conforming parenting that earned him more than 4 million views and a laudatory spot on the local news.

If you haven’t seen “Plandemic” — the now-viral video whose wild coronavirus claims have been widely and exhaustively debunked — picture the sort of ominous conspiracy-theory video that would pop up on your paranoid uncle’s Facebook feed or in the darkest recesses of Reddit, then stir in the worst global health crisis in a century.

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