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An Ontario woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing her 4-month-old and 14-year-old daughters earlier this week, police said Thursday.

Linda Nguyen, 47, is seen in a photo released by Ontario police on Aug. 22, 2019.
Linda Nguyen, 47, is seen in a photo released by Ontario police on Aug. 22, 2019.

Linda Nguyen, 47, remained hospitalized Thursday but was expected to be booked into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga upon being medically cleared, according to police.

Her teenage and infant daughters were discovered dead by their father at their home in the 500 block of East Tam O’Shanter Street on Tuesday. While their causes of death remain under investigation, authorities said they sustained visible injuries.

“We do know that there was a struggle at the scene, which may have played a factor in the deaths,” Ontario Police Sgt. Bill Russell said earlier this week. “There were visible injuries on the children.”

The 14-year-old victim was described by police as a special-needs child but the nature of her disability remains unclear.

Their father also found their mother unresponsive and called police to the scene around 4 p.m. She appeared to have suffered “slight injuries” when officers arrived and was taken for treatment, according to Russell.

The following day, police said a pair of suicide notes were found inside the family’s home — allegedly revealing the mother’s plans to kill her two young daughters and then herself. Authorities said one of the notes was found inside the garage and the other in the home.

The girls’ father found their bodies in the garage, police said, and had last seen them alive when he left for work that morning.

“Right now, what we can tell you is that the children were intentionally killed. It appears as though the mother is the one responsible for that act,” Russell said Wednesday morning.

Still, Nguyen was not arrested at the time as she had not yet spoken with police.

“Her ability to talk or comprehend is still undetermined,” Russell said.

On Thursday, police announced Nguyen was being taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the children’s father was initially questioned but never placed under arrest. He appeared distraught but was cooperative with police and did not appear to be involved, according to Russell. “He’s lost everything at this point,” Russell said.

Authorities have ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning or other use of noxious fumes as the children’s causes of death.

It appears the mother had been dealing with depression, police have said.