An Orange County man was arrested after his father was found dead in their shared home in Irvine Saturday.

When Bruce Shipper, 69, didn’t show up for work on Saturday, a friend stopped by his home to check on him, but 24-year-old Tyler Shipper “appeared disheveled” and wouldn’t let the friend inside the home to check on his father, Irvine Police said in a press release.

The caller contacted the police after the encounter.

Officers responded to the Shippers’ home and found the elder man dead.

Authorities say it appears the two men are the only residents living in the home. The younger Shipper did not appear injured and the motive behind the victim’s death is unknown, though a knife believed to be the murder weapon was found at the home, police said.

The younger Shipper was arrested on a homicide charge.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Madalyne Siebe at 949-724-7098 or email