The Orange County Registrar of Voters Office has added additional security measures this election cycle.

Registrar of Voters Bob Page on Tuesday briefed reporters about some of the added features, meant to ensure the integrity of the upcoming midterm election.

Cameras and monitors are now set up where election observers can watch workers process ballots.

“One area that we wanted to improve upon was our observation program. So we did add additional cameras, We added additional monitors, so observers could watch some processes they couldn’t get as close to in the past,” Page detailed.

Bins from ballot boxes are being delivered to the Santa Ana facility, and two-member teams who collect those bins are being monitored remotely while doing so.

“They’re given random routes every day so they don’t do the same driving route, and so they have that extra safety measure,” Page said. “They’re carrying cellphones as well as radios. We monitor their GPS location at all times using their cellphones, and we are in constant communication with them with the radio system that we have in place.”

As for people dropping those ballots off, Page said there’s no limit to how many ballots one person can drop into a box, so long as that person has been given proper permission by the voter.

Voters can also sign up for ballot tracking to make sure their ballot is received.

Orange County voters can head to to sign up for ballot tracking, or for any other election information.