It’s the end of an era as the original Sea Dragon ride, a staple at Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier for nearly 30 years, was airlifted out of the amusement park Thursday morning.

The original ride was removed from the park to make way for an upgraded Sea Dragon car.

“The Sea Dragon is an iconic piece of the amusement park ride experience for everyone, including the film and music industries and numerous celebrities,” Nathan Smithson, the marketing and business development director at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, said in a statement.

The updated attraction opened to guests Thursday afternoon.

The Sea Dragon, a classic swinging ship ride, debuted at Pacific Park on May 26, 1996. It has been enjoyed by millions of riders and served as the setting for Hollywood movies including “Iron Man” and “Her,” according to the Pacific Park website.

The ride has also shared the spotlight with Regional Mexican music artist La Sèptima Banda and was the focus of the book, “Stella Rose and the Sea Dragon.”

Fans of the ride are encouraged to share their favorite memories of the Sea Dragon attraction online.

The original Sea Dragon car will enjoy retirement at the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.