Eric Garcetti, the outgoing mayor of Los Angeles, released a statement Sunday to formally say goodbye to the Los Angeles community that he has served for the last eight years.

“Three thousand four hundred forty-eight days ago, I began a journey that is now coming to an end. Every single day since then, I’ve had the unbelievable honor of getting up and going to work as your mayor. My gratitude for that is without end,” Garcetti wrote in his farewell address.

He used his message to highlight some of the strides made by the city during his tenure, including a video presentation and an online flipbook with detailed breakdowns of the projects started, advanced and completed during his administration.

“I’ve often said that the day I don’t wake up with a ‘pinch-me’ feeling is the day I should leave City Hall. That day never came, but it’s time for my next adventure nonetheless,” Garcetti said.

Garcetti has reached his term limit as mayor and is awaiting confirmation as America’s ambassador to India.

Sunday was Garcetti’s final day as L.A.’s highest-ranking city leader, his successor, Karen Bass, was sworn in during a ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Both Garcetti, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris were on-hand for the ceremony.

Harris, the guest of honor and a supporter of Bass’s campaign, swore in Bass as the city’s new mayor. With her inauguration, Bass became the first woman and the second African American to be elected mayor of Los Angeles.