Violent follow-home robberies are on the rise across Southern California and local police are cracking down and warning the public to stay alert.

Follow-home robberies involve thieves targeting unsuspecting victims from public areas such as shopping malls or banks. They follow the victims back home or to a secluded area and then rob them, typically searching for expensive jewelry, watches and cash.

In 2022, follow-home robberies mostly took place in the Hollywood or Wilshire areas, according to LAPD.

A task force was created in November 2021 by LAPD Chief Michel Moore to crack down on these robberies — the Follow Home Task Force from the Robbery-Homicide Division.

This year, police investigated 328 follow-home robberies and arrested 122 people. Some of those arrests also included charges of murder and attempted murder.

Along with follow-home robberies, a similar type of robbery called “bank jugging” has also seen a rise across Southern California.

“Bank jugging” involves thieves staking out potential victims in bank parking lots, then following them to their next destination in order to rob them. They typically target those who have withdrawn large amounts of cash.

Busy shopping centers are prime spots for suspects searching for their next target.

Authorities say it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious individuals you may spot.

Tips to avoid being targeted after shopping or visiting the bank include concealing bank slip envelopes inside a bag when exiting and taking valuables with you inside to your next destination instead of leaving or hiding them in the car.