A 44-year-old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison after smuggling fentanyl and heroin into jail inside his body cavity and using some of the drugs while in custody, authorities with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday.  

The incident, according to a news release, occurred on June 25, 2019, when Jamie Gonzales, from Oxnard, was arrested for a probation violation.  

Officials said that once Gonzales was inside a holding cell with 11 other men, he removed the narcotics from his body cavity, used some and shared fentanyl with another man in the cell.  

When that man became unresponsive, officials say Gonzales initially ignored concerns of other men in the cell who wanted to call for help, but ultimately relented.  

“The victim received three doses of Narcan and was hospitalized, eventually recovering from the overdose,” the release stated.  

On September 29, Gonzales was found guilty by a jury of possession of a controlled substance, knowingly bringing a controlled substance into jail and knowingly possessing a controlled substance while in jail. 

“The Court agreed that furnishing fentanyl and then purposefully delaying medical help to avoid getting into trouble put the victim’s life in serious jeopardy,” Senior Deputy District Attorney Audry Nafziger said in the release. “The sentence given today reflects the serious risk of death to others from those who furnish fentanyl. All those in the cell as well as the first responders who saved the victim’s life were also at risk.”