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In a blazing hot week of heat records, Palm Springs takes the crown: The city reached 123 degrees Thursday, matching an all-time record it had previously set three times before.

Palm Springs climbed to 123 degrees before on Aug. 1, 1993; July 28, 1995; and July 29, 1995. The temperature also sets a new record for Palm Springs in June, breaking the previous high of 122 for the month.

The city is having a banner week — on Wednesday, it reached 122 degrees, breaking the previous record of 116 for June 17. The day before, it broke the previous record of 116 set in 1961 when it hit 120 degrees. The nights have been warmer than usual, too — in the 80s and 90s overnight — which makes for a remarkable heat wave, said National Weather Service meteorologist Elizabeth Schenk.

She explained that a high-pressure system has been hovering over the southwest part of the desert for days, driving temperatures up.

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