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A sheriff’s deputy in Palmdale surprised his girlfriend by getting her pulled over — then proposing to her.

The Palmdale station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shared video of the incident on its Facebook page Sunday afternoon.

In the video, the now-fiancée of Deputy Kevin Bowes can be seen unsuspectingly completing field sobriety tests while he sneaks up behind her and gets down on one knee.

At least two other deputies were in on the trick, pretending to investigate the supposed crime.

One tells her to turn around as a stability test, and she comes face-to-face with Bowes, offering her a ring.

She squealed a bit before running to hug him, saying, “I love you.”

“Is that a ‘yes’?” Bowes asked, but she had already broken into tears and could barely answer.

“Congratulations to future Mrs. Deputy Bowes,” sheriff’s officials said in the Facebook post. “We are so happy for you brother, and thank you for allowing us to be part of this wonderful moment.”