A new study has found that parking tickets are significantly down in Los Angeles, though some neighborhoods remain popular for parking enforcement.

The nonprofit media outlet Crosstown LA analyzed Los Angeles Department of Transportation data and found that from January to August 2023, about 1.17 million parking tickets were issued, “a 17% drop from the approximately 1.4 million citations written in the same period last year.”

The city is on track to issue about 1.75 million tickets in 2023, down from about 2 million last year.

Though fewer tickets are being issued, some neighborhoods remain targets of parking enforcement.

Downtown Los Angeles and Westlake took the top two spots.

Another neighborhood, Venice, only finished seventh overall, but two blocks in particular were the most ticketed in all of Los Angeles.

“According to LADOT data, 1,589 citations were issued on the 1600 block of Irving Tabor Court, and 1,375 were written at 1301 Electric Ave.,” Crosstown LA reports.

As for the types of tickets issued this year, about 28% were for parking in a prohibited or street sweeping zone, 15% were for an expired meter, 13% were for parking in a red zone, 8% were for parking in a preferential parking area and 36% were for other reasons.