A sex offender parolee was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a woman inside a McDonald’s bathroom in Riverside on Sunday.

The suspect was identified as Terrell Dante Adams, 40, by the Riverside Police Department.

Police say Adams is a registered sex offender who was on state parole for charges of kidnapping with intent to commit rape. He is also believed to be homeless.

Officers responded to reports of a sexual assault at a McDonald’s restaurant located near Magnolia and Hole Avenues.

Adams had allegedly entered the women’s restroom and confronted a female victim as she was exiting a bathroom stall, police said. He allegedly blocked her from leaving the restroom, then sexually assaulted her, officials said.

The victim resisted and made enough noise to gain the attention of others nearby. Police said this may have caused Adams to release her, allowing her to escape from the restroom.

  • Terrell Dante Adams, being arrested in a photo from the Riverside Police Department.
  • Terrell Dante Adams, 40, in a photo from the Riverside Police Department.

A man who was sitting inside the restaurant heard the commotion as he saw the woman running outside, followed closely by Adams, authorities said.

The man chased Adams down and held him in the parking lot until officers arrived, police said.

Terrell was arrested on charges including assault with the intent to commit a felony, sexual battery, false imprisonment, violation of sex registry, and violation of parole.

Adams was released in December and was wearing a GPS monitoring device at the time of the incident, police said.

He is currently being held without bail.