With just a few hours left before the 2023 Rose Parade, float decorators were working feverishly to get all the finishing touches done in time, though they weren’t the only ones prepping for the big event.  

Along the route, a lot of people were out early, bundled up, ready to camp out so they could get the best view of the parade. 

Parade attendee Mary Apodaca told KTLA that she and her family have been camping out for the Rose Parade for 25 years.  

“Same spot, same place, same corner,” she said, “and you know, we block it off with our chalk, put our names down,” she said.  

Most of the campers along Colorado Boulevard say that camping out is about keeping up tradition.  

“Every other year,” Manhattan Beach resident June Ward said of how often she camps out for the parade. “But my husband is 81 years old…his parents did it when they were kids, as a family.”  

Hundreds of thousands of people will be hoping for a front row seat along the five-mile stretch, which will feature dozens of floats and marching bands from across the country.  

Organizers of the event are hoping that campers pay close attention to the weather and dress accordingly.  

“We see people that are not prepared. They think cold, but not as cold as they are about to experience camping out overnight,” Pasadena spokesperson Lisa Dederian said. “So, dress in layers, be prepared.”  

While campers can’t have bonfires along the parade route, Pasadena Fire Chief Chad Augustin said some fires are in fact permitted.  

“Fires are permitted as long as it’s a commercially approved device. It has to be 25 feet away from any sort of building,” he said.  

Some other rules include no ladders or equipment meant to elevate a person above others, and there is also a temporary flight restriction in place for drones, the City of Pasadena tweeted.