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Pasadena has joined Long Beach as Los Angeles County cities that have expanded coronavirus vaccinations to senior citizens who are not living in nursing facilities.

Pasadena on Saturday offered sign-ups to city residents age 75 and older who had filled out a form expressing interest in getting the vaccine. Reservations filled up within two hours for the roughly 800 doses that will be available Tuesday and an additional 1,000 to be administered on Thursday at Victory Park.

City officials said they received word on Saturday that they would receive enough doses this week to finish the remainder of their top-priority medical workers and begin inoculating seniors. Additional help from local hospitals and area pharmacies, which have been receiving their own shipments of the vaccine, has relieved some of the pressure.

Officials have also been reaching out to elder care facilities and older residents who might not be familiar with the online registration process. They’re working on establishing a larger mass-vaccination site, perhaps at the Rose Bowl, and hope to extend the age range to people 65 and older as soon as possible.

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