Editor’s note: This story was updated to correct a name.

A pharmacist in Pasadena has been named among the top 10 pharmacists in the nation.

SingleCare, a free prescription savings service, announced the winners of its fifth annual Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards, recognizing pharmacy staff across the U.S. that go above and beyond to serve their communities.

Jan Marie Salcido, Pharm.D. at Ralphs in Pasadena, was among those to receive the honor.

“Helping people in the pharmacy and outside of the pharmacy fulfills me,” Salcido told SingleCare in an interview. “It’s what drives me to do well. At our store, we like to give that personal touch to each patient. Our staff is pretty much familiar with everyone. It feels almost like a very large extended family, and that’s the care we try to provide. All of us, myself and my employees, are constantly solving any problems, and we won’t stop until it’s resolved.”

Customers submitted thousands of nominations for this year’s awards and after SingleCare’s editorial board evaluated the nominations, they selected the final 25 winners: 10 pharmacists, 10 pharmacy technicians and five pharmacy teams. 

A pharmacy team at Ralphs in Marina Del Rey was also recognized in the top five pharmacy teams in this year’s awards. 

Rick Bates, founder and CEO of RxSense, the parent company of SingleCare, said the awards symbolize the commitment to patient care and the important role pharmacy staff members play in keeping the local community healthy.