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The University of Oregon is investigating after as many as 1,000 students apparently trashed an island in the middle of Lake Shasta during a massive fraternity camping trip.

Hordes of college students visit Slaughterhouse Island at the Northern California lake during a weekend in May each year.

“What was different about this one is they left behind an incredible amount of trash,” said a representative for Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Some 60 houseboats carrying up to 1,000 students were docked at the island — which has no garbage facilities or bathrooms — over the weekend.

Park officials later found 90 abandoned tents, sleeping bags, coolers, trash bags, and University of Oregon gear, per OregonLive. Photos posted to Facebook show everything from beer cases to flip flops, with plastic chairs and garbage strewn in the lake.

The forest rep tells the Register Guard, a newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, that 10 cubic yards of garbage had been removed from the site as of Monday, but it will be days before the island is clean and ready for Memorial Day visitors.

University of Oregon’s vice president of student life, Robin Holmes, says the school “does not sponsor or condone” the annual trip to Slaughterhouse Island and the mess left at the site is “absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful.”

The school is “actively investigating the situation and will take action as appropriate,” she said.

Activities at Oregon’s Lambda Chi Alpha chapter have been suspended by its national organization “until the situation is addressed,” Holmes added.

In one viral photo, an abandoned cooler is seen decorated with the Greek lettering for the fraternity along with the phrase, “Do you wanna do some blow man?”

In a statement to the Oregonian, the frat addressed the party’s ugly aftermath:

Also, on behalf of any of our members involved, we apologize to the entire Fraternity and Sorority Life Community at the UO and our university. The actions in which these individuals participated do not reflect our Fraternity’s values, nor do they reflect the values of our community here at the UO.

Our Chapter leadership has been in contact with the UO and our Fraternity’s international headquarters. Until the investigation into this matter is complete, and all disciplinary actions have been implemented, effective immediately there will be no Chapter activities of any kind. We are taking this seriously and are working to come through this showing our alumni, our university, and our community exactly what it means to be a Lambda Chi Alpha Brother.

The Men of Lambda Chi Alpha, Zeta Omicron Zeta Chapter

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