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Police on Wednesday arrested a woman they believe was caught on video assaulting a bus driver during a long layover in Culver City days earlier.

Shianne Lovings, 26, was taken into custody in Rosemead in connection with the June 12 attack, Culver City Police Department officials said.

The incident occurred about 1:40 p.m. when a woman, apparently upset over an extended layover, walked toward the driver and pulled her out of her seat, surveillance video shows.

The suspect then struck the driver repeatedly as the victim tried to push her away. At one point the assailant called the driver an obscenity.

After the attack, the woman went outside to the front of the bus and vandalized the windshield wipers, police said. Video shows her twisting the wipers out of shape as her face is in clear view.

Lovings was booked on suspicion of battery on a bus operator inflicting injury.

The case will be submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, who will determine possible charges.