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A man arrested Tuesday on suspicion of making criminal threats had an arsenal of weapons, Nazi and Confederate paraphernalia, and hundreds of doves in his Huntington Beach home, police said.

A Laguna Beach resident had alerted authorities mid-November about receiving threats from Mitchell Todd involving a business dispute, Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jim Cota told KTLA.

Cota said Todd ran a company that released doves at events, and that the victim had hired him for his son’s funeral. When the release of the doves did not happen, Todd allegedly still demanded payment.

Detectives looked over correspondence between the two, which included threatening text messages and a voicemail in which the release of the slide of a handgun is apparently heard, Cota added.

“One of the messages was, ‘Maybe you need to be where your son’s at,'” the officer said.

Police searched Todd’s Huntington Beach home on Tuesday night and reported discovering some 57 firearms, including rifles, handguns and older weapons, as well as Nazi memorabilia and a Confederate flag. Authorities said they also found several pounds of ammunition and more than 200 doves, which appeared to be well-cared for.

Twelve of the guns found were registered to Todd, Cota said.

In addition to a video of the birds, Laguna Beach police tweeted an image showing the Nazi and Confederate flags alongside what appeared to be a picture of Hitler.

Police took Todd into custody in connection with the criminal threats, Cota said. They continued to investigate the other weapons not registered to Todd and whether or not he was involved with any hate groups, the officer added.

“If so, this is somebody that should not be in possession of weapons,” Cota said.