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A man who allegedly crashed into parked vehicles while possibly driving intoxicated following a fight with his girlfriend was shot by police in San Bernardino Thursday night, officials said.

The incident began when Jorge Pelayo, 18, was barred by his girlfriend from entering her home after a verbal argument between the two around 9 p.m., according to a statement from the San Bernardino Police Department.

While leaving her residence in his car, he struck a fence but continued driving north on L Street, investigators said. Witnesses told authorities he was driving in an aggressive, erratic manner.

Pelayo eventually crashed into another vehicle that was parked in the 1100 block of North L Street, officers said. Bystanders and the parked car’s owner went to check out the scene and noticed the 18-year-old appeared to be under the influence and attempting to flee, according to police.

The witnesses also told authorities they had seen Pelayo “dusting” in his car. According to police, dusting involves “the inhaling of aerosolized canisters containing compressed gas” to get high.

When the bystanders informed Pelayo they had called police, he allegedly began to drive away. That’s when someone grabbed his keys and took them inside their home while waiting for law enforcement to respond, investigators said.

Pelayo allegedly began banging on the door of the person’s home while brandishing a semi-automatic handgun to demand his keys. The resident told Pelayo he would come out and help him look for them, fearing for the safety of his family.

When two officers arrived on scene, Pelayo was in his car, police said. He allegedly exited the vehicle and began walking away, dropping two aerosol canisters as he did so.

Police say they ordered him to drop his gun multiple times but he continued to walk away. At some point, Pelayo is accused of pulling out the handgun from beneath his shirt.

He allegedly pointed the gun at the officers, both of whom then shot him. Pelayo was struck, but it was unclear how many shots were fired or how many bullets hit him.

Pelayo was taken to a hospital, where he was in serious condition but was expected to survive.

According to police, he is affiliated with a gang and has been arrested multiple times before.

Anyone with information about Thursday’s incident can contact Detective Cunningham at 909-384-5615 or Sgt. Kokesh at 909-384-5615.