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Los Angeles police took a kidnapping suspect into custody on Tuesday evening, and rescued two young children, after a chase through the South Los Angeles area.

The pursuit began around 8:25 p.m. and continued through surface streets and freeways with two children, ages 1 and 5, also in the SUV, LAPD Officer Drake Madison told KTLA.

The person who reported the kidnapping to police followed the suspect until LAPD arrived and took over, Madison said.

At one point during the pursuit, the suspect dodged a spike strip and later stopped in a driveway in a dark alley in the 200 block of East 95th Street around 9 p.m.

Video from Sky5 showed the driver get out of the car and pull one of the children out the car, before getting back in.

A short time after stopping, the driver was taken into custody and one child was seen being rescued from the SUV by officers.

Madison said both children were taken into police safety.

The relationship between the suspected kidnapper and the children was unknown.