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Los Angeles police officers in Glendale examine a vehicle that was involved in a pursuit believed to be connected to a man wanted in a triple stabbing in Panorama City on Dec. 18, 2016. (Credit: LoudLabs)

Police chases in Los Angeles County are “causing unnecessary bystander injuries and deaths” and most pursuits are launched in response to relatively minor crimes, according to a new grand jury report.

The grand jury said local agency rules on police chases should take into account the likelihood of a dangerous collision compared with the chances of catching a suspect.

Two-thirds of the 421 pursuits that took place in the 12-month period beginning in October 2015 resulted in a suspect’s capture, the grand jury’s report said. About 17% of pursuits resulted in a collision.

Over the same period, three fleeing drivers were killed and 45 people were injured, including suspects, their passengers or officers, the report said. That put the rate of injury or death at 11%.

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