Authorities continue to search for the driver who caused a violent collision that injured five people in Seal Beach Saturday evening. 

On Sunday, the Seal Beach Police Department released video showing the moment the hit-and-run suspect, speeding down Pacific Coast Highway at Main Street, collided with a sedan, leaving two adults and three teenagers seriously injured.  

“We have a two-vehicle TC. Before we arrived, five patients from one vehicle had exited the vehicle on their own,” Orange County Fire Authority Captain Sean Doran said.  

What the video doesn’t show is the suspect, after first hitting the sedan, then crashing into a bus stop and running away.  

“I was just walking to my car and then I heard a super loud screech and these cars hit and one of the cars was going like 100 miles an hour, the guy,” Cade Malley, who witnessed the crash, told KTLA.  

Malley, who works at a nearby business, said he immediately called 911 and then tried to help the five people in the sedan.  

“We were able to get some of them to talk a little bit,” he said,” but they were like all pretty hurt. Like, one of them said her hip hurt really bad and they all had cuts on them.”  

Though the two adults have been released, all three of teens remain in the hospital in serious but stable condition.  

Another witness to the crash, Kevin O’Rourke, said as the suspect ran from the scene, he ran to help.  

“I had no shoes on. I just ran across the street, and I ran to the first car I saw, and he just took off running,” O’Rourke told KTLA. “So, I left him alone and I went to the other car, the one that got hit. He caused the accident and didn’t have any care for anyone’s life.”  

Authorities say the hit-and-run suspect is a man between 18 and 20 years old, around 5 foot 10 inches tall, and was last seen wearing a maroon t-shirt.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Seal Beach Police Department.