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Los Angeles police are seeking the public’s help in tracking down two men accused in at least a dozen sexual batteries in the Palms and Venice neighborhoods.

The attacks began around May 14, and the most recent occurred Tuesday night, according to a community alert circulated Wednesday by the L.A. Police Department.

Investigators have identified at least 13 incidents, and believe there could be others in Culver City and Marina Del Rey. Four sexual batteries occurred last Tuesday alone.

Detectives suspect the two men are working together. They typically approach young women who are walking or jogging alone in the early evening hours and grab their buttocks and breasts.

The perpetrator then flees, sometimes on foot, at others on a skateboard or bicycle, and in several instances in a silver Mercedes-Benz sedan, police said.

One victim who spoke with KTLA last week said she was unloading items from her car when she was approached by a man who suddenly pulled her pants down and tried to grab her. Her boyfriend chased the man, and said he saw him get into a Mercedes-Benz sedan driven by another individual.

Witnesses describe the attackers as two black men in their early 20s wearing athletic clothing. One is tall and slender, while the other is shorter and more heavyset, police said.

Anyone with information can contact LAPD at 213-473-0447.