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Disturbing the Peace isn’t the name of R&B singer Chris Brown’s latest release. But it could be the next criminal charge he faces for doing doughnuts on an ATV in his Tarzana neighborhood.

Los Angeles police are asking the city attorney to decide whether to charge Brown after an incident Wednesday in which police say the artist and members of his entourage performed dangerous stunts on an all-terrain vehicle while children were present.

Los Angeles police Capt. Paul Vernon said a neighbor of Brown’s on Citrus Ridge Drive warned that the ATV was dangerous on the suburban street, complained about the noise and asked that he stop. Vernon said Brown responded “with a series of obscenities at the guy.”

One of the neighbors who complained then called police. When West Valley officers rang the bell on Brown’s gate, his security detail emerged and “told officers Brown wouldn’t let them in or speak to them and they should call his lawyer,” Vernon said.

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